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Why to play
Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows all types supported
Bonus info
Receive a 25% bonus up to $50 on your first deposit!

Poker Games Offered

Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud (8 or Better), Razz, Omaha, Omaha (8 or Better), Draw, Lowball.

Limits and Rake

Planet Poker offers a variety of games limits from $0.05/$0.10 all the way through to $15/$30. They are one of the few sites that has limits below $0.25/$0.5, which caters for the small limit poker players.

Lowest Limit $0.05/$0.1
No. players $0.2 pot $0.4 pot $0.6 pot $0.8 pot max
2-10 $0.01 $0.02 $0.03 $0.04 $0.05

Up to $025/$0.5
No. players $1 pot $2 pot $3 pot $4 pot max
2-10 $0.05 $0.10 $0.15 $0.25 $0.25

Up to $0.5/$1
No. players $1 pot $2 pot $3 pot $4 pot max
2-3 $0.05 $0.10 $0.15 $0.20 $0.25

Up to $0.5/$1
No. players $2 pot $6 pot $8 pot max
4-10 $0.10 $0.30 $0.40 $0.50

The rake is 5% capped at $3, but the actual rake taken for various limits and pots sizes varies due to rounding, for a more detailed description see below.
For a detailed description of higher limit games, please refer to the webs site since the rake structure is too complicated to present here. However, take it from me that the rake structure at Planet Poker is one of the fairest around no matter what the limit.

Player Traffic

With an average number of players standing at 400, the site is medium in size, in terms of traffic. There are no problems getting some Hold Em action here but the less popular Omaha and Stud games do not attract many players until the peak periods.


Some excellent good value games are played at Planet Poker, experienced players should have no problems settling into the action here. Novices will appreciate the large stake entry levels. Overall the site is easy to navigate around and comfortable to play at for long periods.

Deposit options

Many deposit options are available, they include:

Visa; MasterCard; P$e-Direct; NETeller; Wire Transfer; Bingo Vega; Casino Vega; VIP sports; BetGameDay; FIREPAY;

Software, Promotions and Extra Features

Recent software upgrades have made PlanetPoker software is much faster, more reliable and more pleasant to the eye than it use to be. One disadvantage to the site is that you are restricted to playing at only one table at a time. The site has recently increased the number of promotions they offer. The bad beat jackpot at Planet is one of the largest in the industry, often to $10,000 or more. Under this scheme if your hand qualifies for a bad beat jackpot then 50% of the jackpot goes to the losing hand, 25% for the winning hand and 25% for the rest of the table. Refer to the web site for qualifying hands and conditions. The site has added a referral program where players can earn $50 for every player they refer to the site. The site now has a frequent player program, whereby Planet Points can be obtained for every real-money game and for every real-money tournament that players enter. Currently, these Planet Points can be used to buy into Planet Point Events with prizes ranging from $100 to $5000! These are extremely popular and the site offers an average of 2 per day.The site has recently upgraded the All-In protection feature. A player’s hand will now be folded if it is determined by their software that they are still connected. By all accounts this has virtually eliminated all-in abuse.

Customer Service

Good response times when support is requested by email.

Site Security

Planet is a long standing internet poker room. There shouldn’t be any problems here. By online poker standards Planet Poker has been around for an eternity. Whilst this is not a guarantee that the site will remain operational indefinitely, I would feel comfortable having my money at this site. I have never had any troubles receiving cheques and the large volume of players suggests the site is healthy.