Video Game Franchises

Many a fan got on board the Pokemon bandwagon after the anime television show blew up in 1997. The franchise started with Japan’s Pokemon Red and Green games back in 1996, 21 years ago as of this recording. Pokemon is the second best selling video game franchise to date, with only the Mario franchise surpassing it. 5 Snowpiercer – Bioshock Here we have another case of a film that shares a lot of parallels with a game, despite it not being official that the two have any sort of relation or that the film was inspired by such. Snowpiercer tells the story of a dystopian society that lives entirely on a train – earth was ravaged by a freak natural disaster that has rendered it icy and inhabitable, and there’s a massive class divide on the train/once-luxury liner that humans now call home. So how is it similar to BioShock? Well, both are societies cut off from the world outside, both dystopian, both feature social class divides, and, the cherry on top? Wilford, who runs the train, is very similar to Andrew Ryan, the man who built Rapture – both are egotistical megalomaniacs who built their societies on messed up political ideologies.

In the Name of the King – Dungeon Siege video games Uwe Boll who is known for making video game inspired films and adaptations. Whether or not you think they’re any good is another debate in itself. But apparently critics didn’t think this 2007 film was all that great. The film stars Jason Statham, John Rhys Davies and Ron Perlman, and was inspired the Dungeon Siege series. The game, on the other hand, was critically acclaimed, mainly for it’s graphics and fun, accessible gameplay, despite a mediocre plot. So perhaps the lesson here is to not make a film about a game that’s got a weak story to begin with? 3 Hostel Part 2 – Chiller (1986) Chiller was a gun arcade game released back in 1986 in which you play as a torturer who mutilates and murders NPCs in different private dungeons. So you can see the comparisons to that and Hostel Part 2, which takes place in a private dungeon. The game itself got a lot of heat, not just for it’s excessive use of violence and gore, but also it’s ideologies – rather than fighting enemies who were capable of defending themselves, you were tormenting the innocent, strictly for entertainment.

Tron We mentioned Tron Legacy on our top 10 movies based on video games list, so naturally we want to talk about the 1982 film that was inspired by one of video game history’s trailblazers – Pong. Creator Steven Lisberger initially began development on Tron back in 1976, completely fascinated with Pong, wanting to make a film inspired by video games. He said, I quote, “I realized that there were these techniques that waked be very suitable for brining video games and computer visuals to the screen.” And thus the franchise was born. 1 Wreck it Ralph Based on the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade classic, the film follows an arcade game villain named Ralph who decides to rebel against his antagonizing role and become a hero himself. Ralph notably shares a lot of qualities to DK, who in the real life game, is the villain to protagonist Jump man, who would later become Mario. The film started it’s development back in the late 1980’s with Disney, then being under the working title High Score. The film is chalk full of video game references, especially retro ones, including PacMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, MegaMan and Super Mario Bros.