Inspiring Video Games

For almost as long as there have been video games, there have been film tie-ins. As a rumoured landfill filled with Atari ET games can attest, the games don’t always live up to the source material, but on the flip side of that, some games actually manage to eclipse the films they’re based on. While that may not be the case with every game on this list, we think all of these games did a pretty admirable job of capturing the essence of the films that inspired them. Here are 10 Amazing Video Games That Were Inspired By Movies Spiderman 2 While the Spider-Man franchise has had its struggles over the years, the closest the films ever came to getting it exactly right was 2004’s Spider Man 2. Fortunately the game followed suit, and New York became a gamer’s ultimate playground as Peter Parker dealt with struggles big and small.

The web slinging achieved what so many games before had attempted, and while the side missions are fun, it’s also nice to just go for a leisurely swing around manhattan’s skyscrapers. Ghostbusters If you’re a movie geek but you don’t really follow gaming, it may shock you to find out that gamers were basically treated Ghostbusters 3 back in 2009 when all four of the original Ghosbusters voiced their characters for the multi platform game. Set two years after Ghostbuster 2, the player gets to be a fifth Ghostbuster in training, basically fulfilling every 80s kid’s fantasy. Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis, who wrote the original films, even contributed heavily to the game’s story and dialogue to add to the game’s slimy authenticity. Fast and Furious Before Dom and his family became international spies, the Fast and the Furious franchise was all about one thing: street racing.

So of course the arcade game based on the first film was a straight-up racing game, and one worth getting to the theatre a little early for. The Fast and Furious arcade game was an unofficial successor to the Cruis’n USA series, a fact the makers can make no bones about  since they changed the name to Cruis’n when they ported the game over to Wii after their licensing for the film had run out. Aladdin What could have just been a generic side scrolling adaptation of the latest animated Disney hit actually ended up being one of the biggest and best games of 1993. Aladdin’s game designers were able to incorporate cell animation from the actual Disney animators who worked on the film for a much more vibrant look than gamers were used to in those days. Kids who thought they were too old or  cool for a Disney game probably missed out on this diamond in the rough. Goldeneye It’s almost not fair to include Goldeneye on this list, as its legacy and impact as a game has surpassed that of the film it’s based on. This game predicted the demand for multiplayer shooter games before it was possible to play them online.