Draw Poker Rules Part 2

High / Low

This feature is ‘split-pot poker’, where the pot is split between TWO winning players. In High/Low, the pot is split between the player that has the best hand at the table, and the player that has the worst hand at the table.


This is ‘all-low poker’. The worst hand at the table wins the pot. It is especially challenging in Draw Poker, where you may draw higher cards than the ones you threw away, or where you may accidentally pair up with one of the cards in your hand.

Roll ‘Em

This is a feature that can be used to increase the number of betting rounds in a Draw Poker game. When players ‘roll’ their cards, they reveal them from their hand ONE CARD AT A TIME. After each player has shown a card from their hand to the rest of the table, a betting round follows opened by the player with the best hand showing. Players reveal their cards simultaneously so that there is no advantage gained. In this way, it is a Draw game being played like a Stud game.

New York Draw

Made popular by John Scarne, in this game, an outside straight, that is four cards in numerical sequence without break, beats a pair but loses to two pairs. This variant offers (or is meant to offer) more reason to chase a straight.

Canadian Draw

This game plays the same as New York Draw, on top of which a fourflush, that is four of your five cards are of the same suit, beats an outside straight but loses to two pairs. Therefore, the hierarchy of hands in this game is Pair, Outside Straight, Fourflush, Two Pairs. Evidently, Scarne believed that people in Canada play poker like this.

Spanish Draw

This variation, which can be added to any poker game, means that all Twos to Sixes are removed from the deck. That means twenty cards out of play, and 32 cards remaining. Everything otherwise plays the same.

With A Qualifier

When a qualifier is added to a Draw Poker game, it means that for a player to open the betting round before the draw, that player must have a hand of minimum value determined by the dealer. For example, if the dealer determines that a pair of Jacks or better are required for a player to open the first betting round, then the player wishing to bet must show the other players at the table the cards from his hand that meet the qualifier. That player then returns the cards to his hand and opens the betting round. The betting round is followed by the draw. If no player has the qualifier, then nobody can open the first betting round, in which case the game is ‘reset’. That is, all cards are re-dealt and all players must ‘re-ante’. This continues until somebody has the qualifier to open the first betting round.

With The Bug

This is a feature usually used for the entire night. In it, one Joker is put into the deck. That Joker is called ‘the bug’, but it has limited wild card value. It can only be used to complete a Straight or a Flush. Otherwise, it has no value. This would be stipulated as opposed to tables that play with Jokers as wild cards that have no limited wild card value and can be designated as any card to complete any hand.